Construction Site Security Services in Houston, TX

Construction sites have a variety of challenging security needs for different reasons. Due to the vast space that needs to be secured, the expensive equipment, materials, and often multiple entry and exit points there’s a lot of ground to cover. Through a strategic partnership with our sister company, S.E.A.L. Security, we provide our construction properties with the most advanced security services in Houston.

Here are the unique challenges that construction properties often face and how Zaladium can answer the issue.

Property and Materials Protection

Construction sites are particularly vulnerable due to the often expensive equipment and materials that are stored on-site as they’re needed to complete the job. While many tools can be locked away overnight or when not in use, that’s not the case for all equipment. Additionally, construction sites are typically large areas that can be hard to keep an eye on and may be even more difficult when they are isolated. Issues like theft, damage, vandalism, and loitering are serious concerns for construction sites.


Guard Against Trespassers

Whether someone is coming to your site to look for potential items to take or they simply want to enter your property, this leaves you and your operation open to liability. Zaladium’s security experts will monitor your property 24/7 and utilize technology such as cameras with loudspeaker capabilities to warn trespassers before calling in law enforcement.


Deter Vandalism

While your first concern may be to protect your materials and equipment from theft, many construction sites also deal with vandalism. Vandalism can lead to damages and delays in project delivery time, both are bad for business. Our security personnel will ensure that criminals entering the property won’t have a chance to do either.


Prevent or Minimize Risk of Accidents

Our 24/7 monitoring can offer up an added layer of protection that allows our security experts to identify potential risks for accidents to your team or even monitor after hours should a trespasser enter the site. Either way, you will be protected from the liability of an accident on your Houston construction site.

Comprehensive Construction Site Surveillance

No matter what your main concern is for your construction site, our round-the-clock monitoring with advanced surveillance technology and trained security experts can keep your property safe. Learn more about how Zaladium’s surveillance services can protect your assets and ensure you get your job done, without interruptions.