Zaladium In Action – Case Study #1

Zaladium security measures stops another theft from happening.

Two persons attempted to break into one of the City Gear stores Zaladium watches over. Alerts went off, camera auto-tracking and recording began, and our surveillance team immediately dispatched a SEAL unit. Within minutes, the SEAL officers arrived on scene and the two criminals fled. The SEAL officers contacted local HPD, then proceeded to secure the location and begin assessing the incident. HPD soon arrives on scene and begins working with the SEAL officers.

Zaladium In Action – Case Study #2

Zaladium keeps commercial property intruder-free.

The Zaladium GSAT camera operators got an alert around 9:40PM when one of two auto-tracking cameras on the system picked up movement. Once the camera picked up the individual’s movement, it automatically zoomed in and began tracking the man.

The operators put a SEAL officer in route to the location, and then spoke to the person over the loudspeaker. Shortly after the loudspeaker sounded, he got up and walked off property.

After he departed we cancelled the dispatch – the officer was about 8 minutes out at the time the individual departed.

This went precisely as designed, with the cameras alerting, tracking, and demonstrating the value of their pan and zoom capabilities that allowed Zaladium to closely follow the incident in real time. Hopefully this individual tells all of his fellow travelers that 2600 S. Gessner is no longer a haven, but if he or others return, Zaladium stands ready.

Zaladium In Action – Case Study #3

Crisp and clear, high-quality, auto-tracking cameras at work.

This video shows the excellent automated camera tracking system at work. Notice the auto-tracking’s ability to keep the target subject squarely in view, a well as the crisp and clear quality of the picture.

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