Crime Deterrence & Intervention Security Services

Our comprehensive security and surveillance solutions have been divided into four principles that define how we employ our unique skill set. When it comes to crime deterrence and intervention security, we utilize the finest equipment, sensors, and camera technology to protect your commercial property.Through a series of specialized solutions we are able to effectively deter criminal activity or successfully intervene when necessary.

Types of Deterrence Services

Our goal is to keep your property safe and utilize a proactive approach to ensure your property’s unique security needs are consistently met. Learn more about our deterrence systems and services below.

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Permanently Mounted Units

Our permanently mounted units are strategically placed in high-visibility areas as a first line of defense to ensure visitors and potential trespassers know that the property is being monitored. These units are highly advanced and offer more than just recording capabilities. They also have loudspeakers that can transmit a message such as a verbal warning by one of our security experts who is monitoring the cameras.


Loudspeaker and Siren Capabilities

If our team detects unwanted activity on your property they will activate loudspeaker capabilities either with a verbal warning or by sounding an alarm. Typically this is enough to drive threat away from your commercial property. However, if the unwanted activity persists our security team has one final step to employ.

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Dispatch Law Enforcement and Deploy Rapid Response Unit

As our final intervention in deterring crime on your commercial property, our security experts will notify local law enforcement of unwanted activity on your property. Simultaneously, we will deploy an armed rapid response unit and highly trained K-9 officers that are equipped and ready to assist law enforcement if needed. You can be sure that our security team will utilize years of expertise and experience to ensure your property is safe.

What to Know About Crime Deterrence

How does crime deterrence work?

Crime deterrence is a set of techniques employed to discourage unwanted activity and criminal acts from taking place on a property. Through the use of advanced technology and strategies our security experts have been able to successfully protect commercial properties by presenting criminals with obvious challenges that will ultimately deter them from committing a crime in the first place.

What is active deterrence in commercial security?

Active deterrence in commercial security is the use of various technologies such as advanced security camera systems that have motion detection, lights, siren and loudspeaker abilities. Each of these characteristics allows our security experts to enact a proactive approach to protecting your property versus the standard reactive solutions of the past.

What is an example of deterrence?

Deterrence is the first line of defense and the optimal solution when protecting a property. While there are several possibilities of how to implement deterrence solutions, the most common are physical barriers such as signage, gates, and fences as well as psychological elements like video surveillance, security lights, and sirens. Utilizing a mix of each can present some obvious challenges to a criminal.

Does deterrence reduce crime?

More times than not criminals are interested in an easy crime. The more barriers they are presented with, the less likely they are to attempt anything. Deterrence is an effective and important step in any comprehensive commercial property security plan.

Intervention Security Services

No matter what your main concern is for your site, our round-the-clock monitoring with advanced surveillance technology and trained security experts can keep your property safe. Learn more about how Zaladium’s surveillance services can protect your assets and ensure you get your job done, without interruptions.

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