Seal Security Houston + K9 Security Services

Zaladium Intelligent Security was born from our sister company, S.E.A.L. Security, who has provided security solutions in Houston for over a decade. WIth a background in anti-terrorism, anti-piracy, high-value target protection, and perimeter security services, the Zaladium team is well-trained and experienced in all aspects of security.

S.E.A.L. Security Houston, TX

While our expertise is centered around video surveillance, security camera technology, data intelligence, and threat confrontation we work closely with S.E.A.L. Security. When our security team detects unwanted activity at your business we contact local law enforcement while also deploying a highly trained and armed rapid-response K-9 security unit. Our S.E.A.L. Security team will assist local law enforcement in deterring or capturing criminals who have breached your perimeter.

What is K9 Security?

K9 security is a specialized security unit that is highly trained to screen, detect, and assist in crime prevention. K9 is a homophone of “canine” as these units are made up of professional handlers and specially trained dogs.

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Quick and Efficient Security Approach

K9 units are so effective because of their advanced training and in addition to their extensive training, these security dogs have a natural ability to track and detect. Both of which are essential and timely when a crime is taking place. Patrol dogs from our K9 units play a critical role in ensuring your property is safe.

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Our security officers and K9 teams are made up of professional handlers and specially trained K-9’s. Together, their specialized skillsets provide our customers with qualified and extremely effective security approaches to deterring crime and protecting their commercial property. Our K9 units are highly skilled in tracking, apprehending, and detecting a variety of threats.


Extra Layer of Security

K9 units offer an added layer of protection that can be used to secure environments at specific times or for special events. In addition to screening, tracking, and apprehending any potential threat to your property K9 units are especially effective as visual deterrents. Hiring a K9 unit can be an effective addition to any comprehensive security plan.

When are K9 security services needed?

K9 security units are effective for various events, but most commonly they are needed to track and/or apprehend suspects. Some specific instances in which a K9 security unit may be helpful include:

  • Searching warehouses, event venues, open areas, and agricultural areas
  • Guarding commercial or residential properties
  • Accompanying security officers on patrol
  • Serve as a visual deterrent
  • Detecting suspects in hiding

K9 Security Services

No matter what your main concern is for your site, our round-the-clock monitoring with advanced surveillance technology and trained security experts can keep your property safe. Learn more about how Zaladium’s surveillance services can protect your assets and ensure you get your job done, without interruptions.

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