Security Technology & Surveillance Systems

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We believe security is a process and to ensure the process of protecting your commercial property runs smoothly we equip all clients with state-of-the-art security systems, and add on according to the needs of the environment. This includes advanced, high-grade cameras, sensors, and other technology recommended by our experienced security personnel.

Zaladium’s custom security systems employ security cameras, monitoring cameras, and other surveillance equipment that is monitored 24/7 by our techs. During our free in-person assessment one of our security professionals will recommend equipment based on our prior experience with similar sites and situations and build a custom system using advanced security technology that is fully integrated and tailored to your specific needs.

Camera Security System Design

There are two general design philosophies with respect to camera systems: a camera that has built-in intelligence inside the actual camera or is placed in the back-end recording and processing hardware. Zaladium only offers streamlined camera-core intelligence because we use real-time analytics from the camera to do our job instead of relying on footage from a recording. But we also make sure that our recorders are storing, archiving, and retrieving images when needed. Our recorders do more than record – they are full-fledged computers in their own right, able to do post-processing and integrate a wide variety of data from other non-video sources.

Since camera surveillance systems can identify actionable images on their own, the entire recorder can be offline, but Zaladium will still get alerts from the system, which streams video directly from the cameras, bypassing the recorder, and giving us a level of fault tolerance that most competitors do not have. Each node in the network has its own level of intelligence and they work as an integrated, fault-tolerant system.

Security Camera Technology that Outperforms in Detail

Our high-grade cameras are all HD or better — this allows us a good look at the threat taking place as well as using imagery that performs in low light situations. Our cameras pan-tilt-zoom from side to side and can pinpoint detail from a distance so that we can follow intruders around a site while we coordinate a response. If a threat or criminal breach occurs at night our cameras bring out the details, so we can focus on the perpetrator.

Camera Sensors Detect Motion, Temperature, and Light.

Zaladium’s equipment is the most advanced on the market and can detect breaches like opening and closing doors, windows, and freezers. Sensors can detect the presence or absence of light, motion, and large equipment (i.e. large pieces of metal, vehicles, and construction equipment). They can even detect the presence or absence of carbon monoxide, water, temperature changes, levels AC or DC voltage, battery levels, physical disturbance of an object (gyroscopic sensor), or even something as simple as someone pressing a button (usable in panic button or call-for-service scenarios).

Our sensors form an integrated part of our analytics/alerting system and are wireless and battery-powered, so we can place them nearly anywhere. We supplement the in-camera analytics with data from other sources, primarily an array of sensors that can be added to your system, as needed for each deployment.


Our surveillance cameras have a shorter shelf life.

Our technology’s life cycle is shorter than our competitors and that’s a good thing. Zaladium doesn’t bring old, out-of-date equipment to your site. Instead, we continuously monitor and look for areas of improvement. We update our technology faster than anyone, constantly incorporating new advancements into both new and existing security designs.

Our cameras are partly autonomous, so we can replace cameras, as needed and continuously change out equipment without having to tear down the entire security structure. You can rest assured that we will offer the latest security technology available on the market.

Why are surveillance cameras used?

Surveillance systems offer your commercial property an extra layer of safety. Whether that’s holding employees accountable, keeping visitors safe, or deterring criminals there are many reasons why commercial properties across Houston utilize surveillance cameras.

How does surveillance technology help commercial security?

Advanced surveillance technology like the high-grade solutions we offer can enhance any security plan and safeguard your commercial property and its assets. By having skilled security experts assess, install, and monitor your property’s surveillance system you are being proactive in your approach to protecting your commercial property. Detect, deter, and defend your property with surveillance technology from Zaladium.

Free In-person Assessment and Security Plan

We have a long list of references we’d like to share with you and can provide a customized quote to fit your budget. There is no charge, no-obligation for the in-person assessment of your security needs and a customized security plan design. Request a list of references, schedule your free security assessment, and plan or contact us for general information today.