License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras

License plate recognition (LPR) cameras are advanced security cameras that are designed specifically to capture license plate information in less than ideal conditions (at night, in poor weather, or in a fast traveling vehicle). LPR cameras offer Zaladium security experts the unique advantage of being able to identify potential threats or stay on the lookout for known threats.

License Plate Capture Camera Services

Our trained security experts will install our high-tech license plate capture cameras at strategic points on your property. This allows our security personnel to monitor for suspicious patterns of certain vehicles while obtaining evidence that can be used to support local law enforcement and court proceedings if necessary. Learn more about how license plate cameras work and differ from standard security cameras.

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Improved Service and Efficiency

Our permanently mounted units are strategically placed in high-visibility areas as a first line of defense to ensure visitors and potential trespassers know that the property is being monitored. These units are highly advanced and offer more than just recording capabilities. They also have loudspeakers that can transmit a message such as a verbal warning by one of our security experts who is monitoring the cameras.

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Personalized Approach

If our team detects unwanted activity on your property they will activate loudspeaker capabilities either with a verbal warning or by sounding an alarm. Typically this is enough to drive threat away from your commercial property. However, if the unwanted activity persists our security team has one final step to employ.


Wide Range of Applications

As our final intervention in deterring crime on your commercial property, our security experts will notify local law enforcement of unwanted activity on your property. Simultaneously, we will deploy an armed rapid response unit and highly trained K-9 officers that are equipped and ready to assist law enforcement if needed. You can be sure that our security team will utilize years of expertise and experience to ensure your property is safe.

What to Know About Intelligent Video Analytics

What does a license plate camera do?

License plate cameras are specialized CCTV cameras that have the ability to extract numbers and letters from a license plate through the use of infrared illuminators or ambient lighting. License plate cameras have the ability to capture images no matter the time of day, weather conditions, or even if the vehicle is driving at a high speed.

Can surveillance cameras see license plates?

While most cameras can capture license plates during the day that means your commercial property is vulnerable at night, in inclement weather, or when the conditions aren’t perfect.

What do license plate cameras look for?

License plate cameras give our security team the ability to track how often and when a particular vehicle is entering your commercial property or restricted areas.

License Plate Camera Services

No matter what your main concern is for your site, our round-the-clock monitoring with advanced surveillance technology and trained security experts can keep your property safe. Learn more about how Zaladium’s surveillance services can protect your assets and ensure you get your job done, without interruptions.

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