Zaladium’s Commercial Security Cameras Service in Houston, TX Makes Protecting Your Business Easier

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No matter the industry, location, or company size – every business can benefit from using commercial security cameras or camera monitoring services. Curious how a security service in Houston, TX, can protect and improve your property? Read on to find out why live video monitoring, video monitoring services, and a surveillance plan are essential to your business’ success.

Whether you have a commercial property, a storefront, or a construction site to manage a security services company can make your job easier. For starters, our security experts are highly trained and have years of real-world experience. Zaladium works closely with our sister company, S.E.A.L. Security, which has over a decade of experience in providing comprehensive security services across Houston, TX, and neighboring areas

Our team has experience in a variety of areas such as anti-terrorism, anti-piracy, high-value target protection, and perimeter security services. We offer our clients comprehensive and customized surveillance services so that you can focus on your business.

Through the use of live video monitoring and camera monitoring services, we can monitor your property around the clock to protect against accidents, criminal activity, and more. The Zaladium team is proficient in security camera technology, data intelligence, and threat confrontation.

How Do Security Monitoring Companies Work?

Security monitoring companies ensure that your business is fully protected. Oftentimes, businesses think they’re safe with just security guards on the premises, but a security guard can only be in one place observing one thing at a time. Our remote video monitoring allows us to install highly advanced camera and surveillance systems, which our security experts review from a state-of-the-art Global Surveillance and Tracking Center (G.S.A.T.).

Our team will utilize the G.S.A.T. and high-tech security equipment installed on your property to detect any detail of unwanted activity at your business. Additionally, our advanced commercial security cameras and equipment allow us to have a data-driven approach so that your security plan can be updated when needed. Our video monitoring solutions also allow for all recordings to be stored for 30 days and transmitted live over WiFi or cellular networks for easy monitoring. 

An additional benefit of remote video monitoring is that no human is placed in immediate danger as the first line of defense is handled via surveillance technology.

Should our team detect unwanted activity on-site, they will immediately notify local law enforcement and deploy an armed, rapid-response unit. Zaladium will arrive with highly trained K-9 officers, ready to support our local law enforcement as needed.

How Can a Security Services Company Help Me as a Business Owner?

A live video and camera monitoring service give you a more advanced first layer of defense as well as additional benefits when it comes to protecting your business. Apart from allowing you the opportunity to focus your energy on running your business, when you work with Zaladium’s security experts, you’re also getting expert insight and real data that can help you make improvements.

Some of the top benefits to security monitoring companies for business owners include:

  • More time to focus on other aspects of their business
  • Extra layer of protection for employees, visitors, and defense against security breaches
  • Ensure that employees are doing their job, maintaining appropriate conduct, and identify areas for improvement in conduct or business processes
  • Get a break on insurance as many insurance companies offer premiums on properties with surveillance systems and video monitoring

If you’re curious how your business could benefit from a surveillance system, just schedule a free in-person assessment with our team! With our experience, we can show you the advantages that your property stands to gain. 

How to Implement Commercial Security Cameras & Security Surveillance in Your Business

The best way to implement a strong commercial security system and security surveillance in your business is to first have a comprehensive risk assessment performed. We’ll send one of our highly trained security personnel to your property to look for potential risks and highlight room for improvement.

No matter your industry or location, chances are we’ve seen some sort of security breach in a business or property similar to yours. Apart from installing advanced monitoring camera equipment and hiring the right personnel, there are some other surefire steps to take that can ensure your property is protected.

  • Understand the value of overlapping layers of security. Every property and business will have unique needs, and your property may require a different approach than another. Understand that we will implement various strategies that won’t be a match to other businesses.
  • Get clear on your business’ needs. While we will certainly take the reins on establishing a solid security plan, it can’t hurt to review past incidents and security breaches. Think about what vulnerabilities you know your property has and be prepared to share with us.
  • Consider your employees’ role in security. Even the best employees can cause a lapse in security, whether it’s improper training, a lack of guidelines, or just pure mistake. Develop security-related policies and educate your team on them. This can help ensure everyone is on the same page and the chances of a security issue are minimized.

This may seem like a lot to consider, but we will be there to guide you through each step! 

Getting Started With Your Own Security Service System

All it takes is one mistake to leave your business vulnerable to a security breach or criminal activity. With the right surveillance system in place, you can greatly minimize the risks and vulnerabilities of your Houston business.

Whether you’re ready to install a comprehensive security plan and surveillance system at your property or you want to learn more, the Zaladium team is here to help!

Installing a security surveillance system is just one step of a complex process to protect your Houston business. Get in touch with our commercial surveillance experts today to learn how we can help secure your Houston business.

While it is different from the traditional security systems of years past, you might be pleasantly surprised by the services and options that are now available thanks to technological advancements and expertise from industry vets.

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