What Type of Business Can Benefit from Using a Security Surveillance System?

Security camera overlooking construction site

Creating a safe, protected, and productive work environment may seem like a hefty task, but having a security surveillance system is a great first step in taking care of your business. These Houston security cameras can go a long way in keeping your commercial property secure.

Many business owners, especially small businesses, tend to think a security surveillance system is out of their budget or isn’t necessary. However, the truth is all businesses are susceptible to theft or criminal activity. In addition, security surveillance systems can do much more than deter crime. Here’s what you should know about security systems and how to determine if your Houston business could benefit from security cameras and surveillance.

Our Security Cameras in Houston Are Here to Increase Your Peace of Mind 

Zaladium’s number one goal is to guard and protect your commercial assets. With roots in Houston security solutions, we know that security and surveillance solutions are a process. That’s why we have a detailed video monitoring process divided into four principles that define how we work.

During this process, we fully assess the needs of a business to provide highly-trained, rapid-response teams to handle any conflict onsite or collect evidence that may be necessary for the future.

In all our years of surveillance, we’ve seen the advantages of security cameras for Houston businesses firsthand. The advanced technology and equipment used by our team is often the first line of defense for commercial properties. Learn more about just how security systems, like mobile surveillance, can help keep your commercial property safe.

Deter Theft from Your Business By Investing in Mobile Surveillance 

An important factor to keep in mind is that every property is unique and that’s why we start every partnership with an expert assessment of your property. This allows us to define the best security and surveillance solutions for your business. 

One of the most common and effective aspects of a strong security plan is the use of mobile surveillance

Mobile surveillance systems are a type of equipment that is self-sustaining and can be moved depending on what your business needs. Our mobile security units allow our trained security experts to observe your location in real-time and are even equipped with loudspeakers that are used for live audio intervention or announcements, which can be a great first step in deterring crime or preventing an accident. Additionally, our mobile security units have infrared night vision and lowlight capabilities, 30 days of historical footage retained – longer retention periods available, and WiFi connectivity.

Mobile surveillance units are a great, and commonly used, solution for construction site security, temporary work sites, apartment complexes, parks, shopping centers, retail stores, remote parking garages and parking lots, and event locations. We have various mobile security technologies to utilize ranging from solar-powered units to battery-powered ones. 

Mobile surveillance is also an excellent option for remote locations or sites without power.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are some of the most vulnerable properties to theft and vandalism as they are known to only be operational during certain hours and full of expensive equipment and materials. 

Construction site security is much simpler than you may imagine, as your surveillance needs may be accomplished with a mobile surveillance unit. Should your construction site become the scene of an attempted crime, our security experts will be watching and ready to confront via audio intervention and deploy local law enforcement when necessary. Additionally, our cameras can record high-quality imaging that can be useful in a court case or insurance claim should anything happen on your construction site.

Commercial Businesses

As a commercial business owner, you may not think that your property is vulnerable or in need of the same security a remote location like a construction site may, but surveillance systems can do so much more than deter criminal activity.

Commercial businesses in Houston can benefit from one of our advanced surveillance solutions in many ways. Some of the advantages you may not have considered include:

  • Protect your employees (and yourself) from harassment or violence
  • Give yourself peace of mind when you have to be away from your property
  • Improve customer experience and safety 
  • Lower insurance costs and protect against fraudulent claims

Whether you own a warehouse, a jewelry store, an ice cream shop, or even a clothing store your business could benefit from a security surveillance system.

Landlords and Residential Properties

Surveillance systems are especially important for landlords and residential properties as you typically have to keep an eye over many people and a lot of space. A personalized security solution can keep your tenants safe, your property in order, and allow you to check-in remotely. You may not be able to be in two places at once, but this is as close as you can get!

A security surveillance system from Zaladium can help deter and reduce crime in the neighborhood of your residential property which ultimately protects the value of you and your tenant’s property. Additionally, our advanced security systems can give you and your local law enforcement any evidence that may be useful if something does happen on site.

Our comprehensive security services can protect your Houston property. 

Retail Space and Big Box Stores

Due to the nature of these properties, retail spaces and big box stores are particularly vulnerable to crimes like theft. More times than not criminals are looking for the most hassle-free job and having an obvious surveillance system is enough to make them think twice.

However, preventing retail theft or after-hours vandalism aren’t the only benefits to installing a custom surveillance system at your retail property or big box store. Some of the other advantages include optimizing employee productivity, the ability to incorporate live footage into employee training, manage inventory, and even identify opportunities for improvement when serving customers.

In addition to the in-store surveillance, having a mobile or permanent unit in your parking space can also make employees and customers feel safer when visiting your property.

Contact Zaladium for a Free In-person Assessment and Security Plan

Protect your Houston business when you install a security surveillance system. Get in touch with our commercial surveillance experts today to learn how we can help secure your commercial property.

We offer a no-charge, no-obligation in-person assessment to get a feel for your security needs and to begin crafting a custom security plan design. 

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