What Are the Benefits of Having a Security Surveillance System in Place at Your Business?

Security guard monitoring video screens

When it comes to running a successful business, property security may not be at the top of your to-do list, but maybe it should be. It probably won’t come as a surprise that businesses across all industries lose out on profits every year due to crime, fraudulent claims, and even damage. If you want to increase efficiency, cut costs, and keep your Houston business safe, then a commercial security surveillance system and security services could be just what you need.

Learn how Zaladium’s Houston security services can help improve your business and keep your most important assets safe.

How Our Houston Security Service Can Help You

We believe the best security services are tailor-made to meet your business’s specific needs, and that’s why we offer our clients custom security through a process of thoughtful and deliberate review and a plan of rapid-response tactics needed for efficient property security.

We follow an adaptable and preventative approach coupled with the latest technology and security practices to deter and minimize incident severity through a 4-step process designed and implemented by a team that is well-versed in security camera systems and technology, data intelligence, and threat confrontation.

There are many advantages to implementing commercial surveillance systems at your Houston business, but here are a few to consider. Security surveillance systems are a smart business choice and can increase safety in many ways, such as:

  • Creating a safer environment
  • Deterring crime and theft
  • Save money by preventing crime/theft
  • Preventing burglary
  • Offers insurance benefits and lawsuit protection
  • Enhances existing safeguards
  • Offers peace of mind for employees and customers
  • Provide business compliance
  • Monitor high-risk areas
  • Resolve internal business disputes quickly
  • Supply useful evidence when needed
  • Recognize threats before they have a chance to act

These are just a few examples of how a commercial surveillance system can help improve your business. Read more to learn some of the main reasons we’ve seen over the years on why businesses in Houston choose to implement property security and surveillance services.

Commercial Surveillance Systems Increase Overall Safety

Our approach to security and surveillance for commercial properties is a process designed around keeping your business safe. Commercial surveillance systems help establish an environment of transparency and wellbeing as a priority.

The high-quality technology and experience Zaladium can provide at your property can ensure that any issue is easily identifiable and able to be resolved quickly, whether that’s in clarifying something to management or assisting law enforcement with an investigation or your insurance company with a claim no matter the incident.

Property Security Creates a Safer Workplace and Increased Peace of Mind

Houston security services go far beyond just protecting your property; these systems can also protect your employees, customers, and other visitors.

Crimes are less likely to occur at businesses that are monitored by security systems and have visible property security. Your commercial surveillance system can be used to refute claims of wrongdoing or illegal activities as well as offer concrete evidence in the event a crime is committed.

Utilize your surveillance to ensure your team members are maximizing productivity as well as to keep them safe while they’re on the clock.

Property Security Protects Against Burglary

Perhaps the most recognized benefit of property security is to prevent theft. We utilize high-quality auto-tracking cameras that keep targets square in the frame as well as crisp and clear footage.

This kind of commercial security system will often deter thieves before they make any major moves as they are more aware that they are being tracked. Depending on your business’ security needs, we can employ a variety of surveillance equipment such as mobile or permanently mounted security units. More times than not, thieves are looking for the easiest target.

If your business clearly has a surveillance system, it’s likely that thieves won’t even be interested in trying anything.

Security Cameras Deter Theft and Crime

Your security service can protect your Houston area business from theft and crime like vandalism or graffiti in many ways.

Our security systems not only monitor and record, but they also have loudspeaker capability – live audio intervention and announcements, which can be employed when suspicious activity is detected via the surveillance system.

In addition to detection, our team will notify local police and deploy an armed, rapid-response unit that can support local law enforcement. Boost your business’ reputation as a highly secure area, and thieves or other lawbreakers won’t be interested in your property.

Surveillance Systems Monitor High-Risk Areas

Depending on the industry you’re in, your business may naturally be at a higher risk (such as a factory that handles chemicals or dangerous goods). These high-risk areas typically have very limited foot traffic or unauthorized presence. In addition to monitoring during after hours, our surveillance systems can provide an extra layer of security in accident-prone areas so that action can be taken immediately in case of an issue.

Safeguard your business from lawsuits, damage, theft, and other security threats with property security. Customized surveillance systems can protect your business, your employees, and your assets to help you avoid devastating losses that could negatively impact your business.

It’s clear just how beneficial security surveillance systems are, but to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your security practices, you’ll want to have a team of highly-skilled and experienced surveillance experts.

With over a decade in the business, our team of surveillance experts can walk you through the most important aspects of commercial security as well as characteristics you may not have considered.

Contact Zaladium for a Free In-person Assessment and Security Plan

Installing a security surveillance system is just one step of a complex process to protect your Houston business. Get in touch with our commercial surveillance experts today to learn how we can help secure your Houston business.

We offer a no-charge, no-obligation in-person assessment to get a feel for your security needs and to begin crafting a custom security plan design. Request a list of references, schedule your free security assessment, and plan or contact us for general information today.

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